Halloween food inspiration

Halloween food inspiration

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I am very excited about today’s post because I’ve been planning to sit down and write this up for such a long time. Almost a year, actually. I have a strange relationship with Halloween, love the spooky looking food, the decorations, the parties, but then I am such a huge fan of summer, that these cold, dark and long autumn evenings make me want to just lay down and do nothing, certainly not cook for 10 people, decorate the whole house and throw a party. Don’t get me wrong, I throw a party every year and absolutely love it. So these are my last year’s Halloween party creations, I really hope someone finds the inspiration in this. True Halloween lovers know that beginning of October is the best time to start preparing, looking for ideas for home decor and easy to make but impressive spooky looking foods. So this is some of what I made last year:

‌ Spider covered caramel cheesecake

‌Witch fingers

‌Ghost brownies

‌Guacamole puking pumpkin ‌

Mini sausage mummies

‌I also used some candy eyeballs to decorate vine glasses and cocktail glasses

Guacamole puking pumpkin
Mini sausage mummies
Caramel Cheesecake
Ghost chocolate brownies
Witch fingers and glasses decorated with candy eyeballs
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