Meat and cheese platter idea! Quick and easy

Meat and cheese platter idea! Quick and easy

I feel like it’s time to bring this website back to life a little bit. Maybe I say it because I’m on holiday and motivation to do things is all over the place. Probably once I’m back in the office, the website will be forgotten again. But we celebrated my mom’s birthday yesterday, I made a lovely cake, you may remember my yogurt cake recipe I posted a while back.

Apart from that, I made a snack platter for everyone to share. The intention was a large board and assemble it it a cute Pinterest like way. But then reality happened like most times, I didn’t have a board big enough, it was a bit of a chaos. But then I just assembled everything in two plates, some Spanish “Serrano” ham, Italian “Salami”, Brie cheese, blue cheese, some store bought hummus, bread sticks, cheese strings, cherry tomatoes and mozzarella balls, smokes cheese and grapes.

This is absolutely customisable, you can use different types of meat and cheese, you can use less or more. This is just what I bought and how I assembled it. It took me no time at all and the guests seemed to really enjoy the result. 🙂

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